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And Necessary Etiquette   

Dojo Etiquette:

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  1. Place one end of obi on the left side of the body, at about the height of the hipbone.
  2. Wrap the obi around the body from left to right (one or two times more around), until there is just enough of the other end remaining to tie the knot.
  3. Bring the end around from the left side and tuck it under all the other layers of the obi, from bottom to top.
  4. Then fold the tab that protrudes from below over toward the right. Fold the end down over it.
  5. Pull the end back up through the loop formed with the tab, and pull both tight to form the knot.
  6. The obi should be worn at the height of the hipbones.

Tying Your Obi: