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Zen Judo - A Traditional Judo Style www.zenjudo.co.uk 40 Years 1974 to 2014

The Zen Judo Syllabus - White to Green


This section is designed to give you an oversight of the grading structure within Zen Judo. The syllabus was designed to teach students the fundamentals at the beginning and build on them in subsequent sections. If you click on each belt, you will see the list of throws for that grade, however we don't provide a detailed description, as we believe that you cannot learn judo from a web site or a book. If there is something you don’t understand, then we encourage you to come along to a club night and one of the instructors will explain it to you.

White to Yellow Belt: This is a basic syllabus of only four throws. However, this is probably the most important  group of throws to understand as the techniques used here are the grounding for every other technique in the whole syllabus. It will teach students Kuzushi or “Breaking of Balance” and "Turning In".

White to Yellow

Yellow to Orange Belt: Now that a student understands the basic principles of both throwing and being thrown, the student can now progress through some other techniques. This will give the student more choice in randori. The student should also start to become comfortable being lifted onto their toes during a throw, and the principles of moving from a throw into a ground hold.

Yellow to Orange

Orange to Green Belt: At this stage of the learning process, the syllabus contains techniques that involve both feet leaving the floor when being thrown. The student also learns the principles of performing all known throws as a half sacrifice. A student should be able to show control of his/her own balance, and that of their partner’s during a throw.

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