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Self Defence - (Course Notes)

By Sensei Edwards   

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Reducing Risks

There are many simple ways for reducing risks whilst ‘out and about’

: Choose your route home. Remember, well-lit streets & main roads are safest.

: Must you be alone. Try & arrange for someone to accompany you.

: When walking, face on-coming traffic.

: Do not take short cuts through dimly lit areas.

: Don’t ever hitch hike. If you’ve missed the last bus or train, get a taxi. It is worth the extra expense.

: Appearance is important. Keep expensive jewellery covered.

: Walk confidently with your head up. Walking with your head down says to an attacker, ‘victim’.

: Do not walk close to hedges or dark doorways.

: When shopping, don’t put your purse in a visible place.

: Have your car or house keys in your hand before you reach the front door.

: Avoid top decks of buses & empty train carriages.

: If you have a hand held alarm, keep it in an easily accessible place.

: Carry your bag close to you with the clasp facing inwards.

: If you run/jog, alter your route & time.

: If you think you are being followed, cross & recross the road a number of times and observe the possible pursuer.

: If raped, do not shower or bath, even though you will feel like it. This will destroy valuable forensic evidence.

: If your attacker goes off in a car, try and memorise as much info about the car as you can (make, model, etc).

: Never put your name on your keys.

: Never shout ‘rape’. Shout ‘fire’ instead.

: Always try & avoid trouble & run away. Better a bruised ego than a damaged body. If you have no other choice & have to fight back, you must hurt him enough to stop him.

: If you go out into town, don’t get too drunk.

: If attacked, with a knife, accept that you will get cut.

: Avoid clubs/pubs that are know to be rough.

: If you sense trouble (in a pub) & getting away may be a problem, inform the door staff.

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