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Zen Judo - A Traditional Judo Style www.zenjudo.co.uk 40 Years 1974 to 2014

An Overview of Zen Judo

By The Webmaster   

I have trained with Zen Judo Clubs since early 1990 starting at the Felpham Zen Judo Club under Sensei John Wingham 3rd Dan and Sensei Jo Winslow 4th Dan Zen Judo Family. This is a very traditional style of Judo and concentrates on techniques and a structured syllabus of throws, which progress from the more easily controlled throws which are taught at an early stage in the students study, up to the higher more difficult throws such as the Sutemi Waza Sacrifice Techniques and Tachi Waza Techniques where the student will need to be competent with Ukemi Waza.

The syllabus is set out so that the student will learn the throws in a controlled way and will learn to look after the lower grades, they will only progress to the higher more difficult throws when they have the confidence and ability to cope with the next set of techniques in the Zen syllabus. This style of Judo is more closely aligned with the original style of Judo pioneered by Dr Jigoro Kano, the emphasis being on perfection of technique.

As you progress up through the Zen syllabus and gain in ability and Judo knowledge you will be expected to look after the lower belts and actively help with teaching and passing on this knowledge to the lower grades, you will also be expected to look after your Uke (the person being thrown) and to use control at all times, the idea is that both of you will enjoy your Judo and want to return again to train next week, not have to recover in Hospital!.

Note: The Felpham Zen Judo Family Club sadly had to close on the 14th. December 2000.

The Zen style was founded in 1974 by Sensei Dominick McCarthy 8th Dan Zen Judo and has had students both in Britain and the U.S.A., unfortunately he passed away in 1995, but he had been able to practice his style of Judo to within weeks of his death and had taken a class at his Petersfield Dojo the day before his death.