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Kyu-Shin-Do and Zen Judo

Kenshiro Abbe, The Kyu-Shin-Do and Zen Judo by Keo Cavalcanti 6th Dan Zen Judo   

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Kyushindo Philosophy

The Universe was stated under a great principle of creation, which had existed from the beginning of time. The Universe has been controlled and governed by the principle that all things transmigrate.

The Laws of the Universe.

The Law of transmigration.

The Law of Rhythm.

The Law of Harmony.

Kyu-Shin-Do is the understanding through knowledge and experience of the principles of the Universe and the understanding of the true way of life through Japanese Judo.

All things in existence are governed by the Universe and shall be a rhythmical cycle of birth, existence and death.

We can enjoy the highest form of life by mutual understanding between oneself and the Universe and by harmonizing with all things in general.

The Universe revolves and therefore always keeps in perfect balance and must have a center and radius governed by geometrical motion. We must therefore bear in mind that every movement on the earth has been controlled by Universal evolutions.

Therefore the student of Judo shall strive for perfection and harmonize with everything by opening his mind and body by relaxing first his mind and then his body. This idea conforms to nature.

The fundamental principles of the spiritual side of the human being is, and must be, gratitude to the principles of the Universe. This gratitude is the first and foremost, love, and the first step to communication with all people. This leads to love towards parents, friends and all things in the Universe.

The first step towards Kyu Shin Do is to have a clear understanding of each other through co-operation and affection towards each other. In the spirit of this most needed principle, we can live in healthy and perfect harmony in this world of to-day.

The ultimate aim of Kyu Shin Do is the achievement of permanent peace and happiness for the human race; which is the understanding towards neighbor, the understanding of the highest ideals and gratitude for all things. The person who has not an understanding mind and does not make any efforts to understand his neighbor, does not receive any respect or rewards.

To learn and perform good techniques is not the only aim or object of Judo. Judo is a way towards universal understanding and is just one of the many roads which can lead to world peace and Universal happiness. The way of Judo is not only realization of one''s aim in life, but also gives the training and discipline necessary to strive to make an effort for life in peace and unity.

All life of any kind existent in the Universe has a continual flow of circulation and transmigration - for instance, we consume food and expel the waste. The donor who is ready to give and who does not ask or think, will surely be compensated by someone else. Similarly, if a man robs someone else, he in turn will be treated likewise. The practice of Judo is the same principle.

The human race in this world has the law of the Universe instilled in it. This is embodied in the principle that if we love , and our actions, motions and motives are of a peaceful harmonizing nature, they will be returned by those whom we have treated similarly.

The principle idea of Judo is always to give your best. The individual who makes an effort to give of his best is always well rewarded in life.

Kyu Shin Do starts from natural posture and this basically means the perfect relaxation of the mind and body, free from petty anxieties and illnesses. The actions of Kyu Shin Do are of gentle smooth movements, soft, quick and safe. These movements spring from a relaxed mind and body, which helps to build up strength and purpose.

We shall try to make an effort to harmonize with the Universe, otherwise we will discover that it is against us. The accumulation of effort is a steady circular movement about the centre of gravity and radius.


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