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The Zen Judo UK Website

Zen Judo - A Traditional Judo Style www.zenjudo.co.uk 40 Years 1974 to 2014

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Zen Judo Clubs and Dojos.


· Do Junior's and Senior's Have Different Belts and Syllabus?

· Is Zen Judo International?

· Where Can I Find My Local Club?

· There Doesn't Seem To Be A Club In My Area - What Can I Do?


·  Do Junior's and Senior's Have Different Belts and Syllabus?

No. Both junior's (Children) and senior's (adults) learn the same syllabus and have the same colour belts. The only slight difference is a slightly longer time between grades for juniors.

Zen Judo clubs use the original Japanese belt system from white through yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black (Dan grade) and not the usual mon tab system that most western clubs have adopted, which gives intermediate grades at each belt colour.


·  Is Zen Judo International?

Yes. There have been clubs in the U.K.; Germany; America; Spain and Canada.


·  Where Can I Find My Local Club?

Check out the clubs page on the main Zen Judo website at www.zenjudo.co.uk which we try to keep up to date. Also it it worth following the links through to the various Zen Judo organisations own websites and checking the information. If all else fails e-mail the contacts on the websites for more information.


·  There Doesn't Seem To Be A Club In My Area - What Can I Do?

Because Zen Judo has grown from a very local beginning around Petersfield, Hampshire in the U.K. there aren't the same level of clubs as the BJA/BJC have. If you can't find a local Zen Judo Club in your area then the next best thing will probably be to look for a local Kyu-shin-do style judo club, as this was the original judo style out of which Zen Judo was formed.

If you still have no luck don't just give up, judo clubs are run by people and because of that no two clubs will be run the same way. So the best thing to do would be to visit a number of clubs in your area and watch a club session and talk to the senior instructor. Find out if he is willing to teach you non competition judo, how well run is the club, is it safe on the mat and well controlled or total chaoss and dangerous.